The 54th China International Furniture Fair (Shanghai)
September 11-14, 2024

Shanghai Office Furniture Expo | The design beauty of hotel furniture style

2024-06-24 18:44:09

In hotel design, hotel furniture plays an indispensable key role.

It should not only meet the basic needs of guests,but also highlight the unique atmosphere and style of the hotel.

We will explore the design concepts and material choices of various hotel furniture styles,and appreciate the charm and charm of these furniture.

The style of hotel furniture is often closely connected with the architectural decoration style of the hotel and echoes each other. In recent years, modern style, new Chinese style and Southeast Asian style furniture are very popular in the hotel industry. These styles of furniture are simple in design, elegant in shape, and relatively low in cost, so the price is also more friendly. In addition, with the acceleration of people's pace of life, more and more people tend to choose simple and lively styles, which also provides a broader market for modern style, new Chinese style and Southeast Asian style furniture. In contrast, light luxury style furniture is mainly popular in the field of civil furniture.

1. Modern style

Shanghai Office Furniture Expo got information that Modern style, also known as modern simple style, is famous for its simple and smooth design methods and unique charm of integrating modern fashion cultural elements. This style gives a sense of simplicity, fashion and elegance. Modern style focuses on concise expression, practicality and beauty, while emphasizing personalized display. The modern style of furniture design almost does not use solid wood (except for sofas and chairs), and mostly uses plate materials. Some also incorporate glass or stone, while others incorporate plate and stainless steel elements to give the furniture a unique modern feel.