The 54th China International Furniture Fair (Shanghai)
September 11-14, 2024

Shanghai Furniture Expo|Outdoor shading industry: hundreds of brands rising, intensifying competition, and seeking new growth opportunities

2024-06-24 18:53:52

Shanghai Furniture Expo got information that The sunshade industry started earlier in other countries, especially in developed countries such as Europe and America, where market penetration has reached a high level and has produced several well-known brands, such as Hunter Douglas and Feifer.

In addition, the main markets of some Chinese sunshade giants are also concentrated in Europe and America.

Comparatively speaking, the sunshade industry in China started relatively late, but developed rapidly. After more than 30 years of accumulation, thousands of small and large enterprises have emerged, and hundreds of influential brands have emerged, forming a complete category pattern such as sunshades, umbrellas, sunshade fabrics, blinds, etc., which have been implemented in multiple scenarios such as commercial, household, transportation, and outdoor.