The 54th China International Furniture Fair (Shanghai)
September 11-14, 2024

Shanghai Home Expo | Market Operations, Industry Chain Overview, and Development Trends of China's Fabric Sofa Industry

2024-06-24 18:55:42

Fabric sofas primarily refer to sofas made with fabric as the main material, which are artistically processed to achieve a certain aesthetic effect and meet people's living needs. These sofas are characterized by their strong fashion sense, comfortable feel, washability, and interchangeability. Main types of fabric sofas include pure fabric sofas, leather-fabric combination sofas, casual fabric sofas, and European style fabric sofas. The quality of fabric sofas is mainly determined by four factors: style, fabric, craftsmanship, and frame, where the fabric and craftsmanship directly affect the comfort of the sofa. At the recent Shanghai Home Expo, innovative applications of various fabrics were showcased, leading industry trends.

Speaking of the overall supply and demand situation of China's fabric sofa industry, as the domestic population structure gradually changes and overall real estate demand shifts, China's domestic fabric sofa market is gradually entering a mature phase. Domestic demand shows a slow growth trend, with major growth occurring in the export sector. Since 2015, China's fabric sofa production has been rapidly increasing. In 2022, due to a drop in international demand, overall export volumes decreased, leading to a slight decline in total fabric sofa production. Data shows that in 2022, about 193.1 million fabric sofas were produced in China, with domestic demand around 6.372 million. Additionally, multiple seminars at the Shanghai Home Expo focused on the continuous improvement of fabric sofa production capabilities and technological innovation.

Fabric sofas are a popular choice for home furnishing, with thousands of manufacturers primarily located in coastal areas. Due to their affordable prices and attractive designs, fabric sofas have become the first choice for many when purchasing sofas. However, issues such as homogenization, lack of innovative design, insufficient craftsmanship, quality standards not keeping up with technological development and changing consumer demands, rising costs, and shrinking profits also exist in the domestic market. To respond to market changes, several major furniture brands such as Skechome, Quanyou, and Love Aesir are expanding their business scopes, encroaching on the fabric sofa market to build brand advantages, and have embraced e-commerce to expand their markets and enhance competitiveness. The competition in the domestic fabric sofa market is fierce, but there is still room for development. Participating in the Shanghai Home Expo not only brings exposure to brands but also provides a platform for interaction with other industry leaders.

As consumer demand for personalized furniture continues to increase, fabric sofa enterprises need to focus on design innovation and personalized customization services. By introducing new design concepts and elements, more distinctive fabric sofa products are created to meet consumers' pursuit of individuality. Additionally, enterprises can offer customization services, tailoring products to consumers' needs and preferences to further expand the market space.

With the continuous advancement of technology, fabric sofa enterprises need to focus on enhancing technological content, introducing new materials, processes, and technologies to improve product quality and functionality. For instance, introducing eco-friendly materials can enhance the environmental performance of sofas; adopting smart technology can enable intelligent control of sofas. At the same time, enterprises need to strengthen quality supervision and establish a comprehensive quality management system to ensure that product quality and safety performance meet relevant standards, thus enhancing brand recognition and competitiveness.

Source: Zhijian Consulting Baijiahao

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