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CIFF Shanghai Expo 2024|How to choose a living room sofa, different families are suitable for different sofas

2024-07-05 14:44:39

Sofa as a "big thing", acting as a living room facade, is simply the value and strength of the bearer. The whole space is rustic American style, or elegant European style, a sofa to see out!


How to choose a living room sofa, probably so:

Old house renovation, home children, choose fabric or leather sofa?

The living room put which kind of sofa looks literary and fresh?

How to choose the material of the sofa, how to set the way of placement?

Our dependence on the sofa is second only to the bed, known as the "second bed at home". Usually with the family nest here to watch TV, chat, entertainment, or a person nest here to read books, listen to music, can be considered the most high-frequency being viewed, be used in the living room furniture. Therefore, both the choice of sofa, placement orientation and layout form, must be reasonable settings.

 Material selection

Leather sofa

Leather sofa elegant atmosphere, some large villas also love to use it to enhance the overall sense of texture, such as American, industrial, European, light luxury style are more suitable for the selection of leather sofas, to brown, brown, black-based.


High grade. There are both luxurious and domineering large styles, there are also elegant and comfortable small models of leisure type.Sturdy and durable. Compared with fabric sofas, leather sofas are more sturdy and wear-resistant, and easier to clean.


High price. Good leather sofas are expensive, while bad ones are not durable enough. Inadequate cleaning will emit a leather odor, basically after a few years of leather sofas have to do renovation work.Poor touch. If the use of cowhide area is large, sometimes there will inevitably be fat wrinkle phenomenon, affecting the beauty. Sticky thighs in summer, frozen buttocks in winter, not a good choice will be more rigid, the surface is easy to scratch.

Fabric sofa

Fabric color feeling light and soft, optional color variety, novel and chic style, in line with young people's aesthetics, suitable for modern minimalist, Scandinavian style. The color recommended to choose white, beige, gray and other compatible colors, if the living room finishing color is single, you can also choose a little brighter color for jumping color.


Good texture. Fabric furniture has a soft texture, color and style, very suitable for home decoration. Removable and washable. Sets of sofa cloth, clean, hygienic and easy to clean, cost-effective.For families with children, fabric furniture is simply a savior, because of the softness, even if a small child collision will not be injured. Dirty is not hard, must often wash often sun, to avoid mite dust cover, resulting in children's skin allergies. Leather sofa is expensive, small children's toys are extremely easy to scratch, if you like, you can wait for your child to grow up a little before choosing.

Work troubles, as well as all the life in the "city" can not bear the weight, in the nest into the sofa at the moment, have become unimportant. Therefore, the sofa should not only be "beautiful" to enhance the overall style and value of the living room, more comfortable and durable to enhance the quality of home life of the family. For more information, you can focus on CIFF shanghai.

Source: Wuhan Dongyi Risheng

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