The 54th China International Furniture Fair (Shanghai)
September 11-14, 2024


2024-06-24 10:35:09

This is a free, mysterious and interesting living room sofa . It uses checkerboard shape elements to integrate into the overall appearance design of the sofa. The orderly vertical and horizontal quilting and regular outline give the Chess sofa a refined fashion style and exude elegance. breath. The double-motor electric function configuration creates more flexible use possibilities. The exquisite details, sewing technology and functional configuration are combined to promote a timeless and personalized attitude. From happy gathering time to quiet moments of solitude, the Chess sofa can always meet the contemporary needs to evolve needs of life.

The Chess sofa is characterized by its unique quilting process, which is used to depict the eternal beauty of the home. The combination of unique tailoring details and high-quality leather covering materials gives the space more personality and mysterious charm.

The Chess sofa highlights a more flexible family living space because it is equipped with Italian motion  double motors. The headrest and legrest can be freely adjusted for comfortable angles. The hidden hardware legs of the sofa and the off-the-ground design create a suspended visual effect, from family gatherings to solitude., the Chess sofa can always meet the ever-changing needs of contemporary life.