The 54th China International Furniture Fair (Shanghai)
September 11-14, 2024

Shanghai Office Furniture Expo | 2023 Office Furniture Design Award, which style do you like the most?

2024-06-24 18:50:55

For modern enterprises, the office is not only the working space of the staff, but also the embodiment of the corporate image. As the main role of the office, different styles of office furniture represent different corporate culture and personality.

1. Nordic log wind - fresh and natural

Shanghai Office Furniture Expo got information that Nordic log style advocates the design concept of simplicity, nature and humanization, and uses large-area log elements and pure colors to highlight the natural attributes and warm texture of the space. The overall design is light, smooth, warm and flexible, which is favored by contemporary young people.

Simple and smooth lines outline the light shape, with light wood + white collision design, without unnecessary decoration, is enough to be eye-catching. Under the decoration of creative decorations and fresh green plants, a clean, refreshing, quiet and relaxed environment is created, so that you can enjoy the natural, fashionable and log style office "home".

2. New Chinese Wind - Classical Atmosphere