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September 11-14, 2024

CIFF Shanghai Expo 2024|Where is the new battlefield for device manufacturers when home furnishing giants complete intelligence?

2024-06-24 18:52:02

The wave of intelligent manufacturing has been sweeping the furniture industry for many years. The results are also remarkable. CIFF Shanghai Expo 2024 got information that Many furniture manufacturers have successively completed the upgrade of intelligent manufacturing, with the support of intelligent equipment and information software, realizing the automation of the entire process from order receiving, splitting, production scheduling, to cutting, edge sealing, hole arrangement, sorting, packaging, and then to warehousing, shipping, and so on.

Almost all listed companies and large and medium-sized furniture factories have been promoting intelligent manufacturing and digital transformation for many years, establishing cooperative relationships with mainstream equipment and software vendors, and completing the production of Industry 4.0 smart factories. This means that furniture factories with strong capabilities have completed the construction of intelligent production lines and have relatively fixed equipment suppliers.

From single product to smart factory solution

For a long time, the competition between equipment manufacturers focused on single products to expand the market.

At the same time, furniture factories often purchase certain key production equipment to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

When the strength is stronger and the conditions are mature, enterprises will purchase more equipment and even introduce a complete set of smart factory solutions to comprehensively improve the level of intelligent manufacturing.

In the market environment where competition is becoming increasingly fierce and terminal delivery requirements are higher, relying solely on the upgrading of individual equipment products is naturally not enough to meet the business needs in the new environment.

CIFF Shanghai Expo 2024 got information that The shift from single product equipment to system solutions and the upgrade to the overall solution of smart factories has formed a new main battlefield.

This change is not only the direction for equipment manufacturers to make efforts, but also a new trend in the intelligent transformation of furniture factories.

Market cultivation for small and medium-sized factories, two-way empowerment to expand business scale

Whether it's flipping through the annual reports of listed furniture companies or consulting information on large and medium-sized furniture companies, you can always see the relevant content of intelligent manufacturing in a prominent position.

This reflects a phenomenon that the main battlefield of equipment manufacturers is concentrated in large and medium-sized factories.

The fact is that large and medium-sized furniture factories often account for more than 90% of the customer lists disclosed by multiple equipment brands.

Research has found that furniture manufacturers have generally completed the implementation of intelligent manufacturing plans, and their production bases are equipped with a large number of advanced equipment.

This means that the equipment procurement increment of these factories may continue to decrease, and the next business demand will come more from the need to build new production lines or upgrade existing equipment.

In addition to large furniture factories, there are also many small and medium-sized factories that have a demand for intelligent manufacturing. They also hope to use intelligent devices to improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

CIFF Shanghai Expo 2024 got information that As an equipment supplier, if we can provide lower cost products and solutions based on the needs and current situation of small and medium-sized factories, it will undoubtedly help upgrade the intelligent manufacturing level of small and medium-sized enterprises, and expand a broad new market for equipment sales.

Looking into the future, the potential of furniture and equipment is infinite, and there are still many technological capabilities worth improving. This vast market continues to output opportunities that are worthy of attention.

Furthermore, with the combination of various demands such as updates, small and medium-sized factories, and the construction of new production lines, the growth space for equipment manufacturers is still full of imagination.

Article source: Da Cai Research

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