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China Home Expo|Creating a tasteful lifestyle, such lighting is the finishing touch!

2024-06-24 18:59:48

In the dazzling, a wide variety of styles of lighting market to choose a few satisfactory lighting is a very annoying thing, precisely because the market style is too much, the range of choices is too large, but people become overwhelmed.

The design style is the embodiment of the atmosphere and temperament of the home environment, the unity of style is a steady aesthetic common sense, the role of lighting and rich space hierarchy, the style is best to conform to the overall style of the environment.

Depending on the space in which the lighting is installed, let's introduce the ways to open the lighting one by one.

1. Downlight

China Home Expo got information that The entrance space is relatively narrow, and the light does not need to be too bright, so you can directly make a local ceiling and install a downlight on it, so that the concentrated light and the light and shadow effect are quite stylish, which is very suitable for common family entrance decoration.

2. Ceiling lamp

Ceiling lamps are also a relatively simple lamp, especially in the case of no chandelier in the entrance, low-wattage warm light ceiling lamps are a very good choice, through the combination of warm light, you can create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

3. Chandelier

The entrance space is generally small, if the room height is OK, the chandelier can also be considered, and the effect is also very bright and generous.

Restaurants, mostly in the form of chandeliers.

There is enough brightness

This not only allows the family to see the food clearly

It also needs to be able to match the surrounding environment, furniture, tableware, etc

The lamp directly above the dining table is the focal point of the light

The lighting in the restaurant plays a role in enhancing the overall aesthetic

It also produces a candlelight-like effect

For easy scrubbing

Restaurants can be made of glass, plastic or metal with smooth lampshades

1. Match according to the height of the living room

If your living room is tall, you can choose a large chandelier with the light shining upwards, and you should also leave a certain amount of space between the light and the upper part of the lamp to narrow the gap between light and dark.

If your living room is low, you can choose ceiling-mounted lamps and floor lamps to make the living room look more bright and elegant, with a modern art atmosphere.

2. According to the required lighting level

According to the size of the entire space in the living room and the power of the lamps, determine how many lights you need in your living room to make the living room bright.

Darker corners of the living room can be decorated with floor lamps or wall lamps.

3. Look at the shape of the lamp

First of all, the shape of the lamp must be coordinated with the size and style of the living room, and secondly, it is necessary to strive for elegance and avoid luxury.

China Home Expo got information that The living room is equivalent to a person's face in the house, if the lamp is too plain, it will make people feel shabby, if the choice is too luxurious, it will definitely cause invisible pressure on the visitor, can not let go.

4. The brightness of the space should be uniform

When using chandeliers, you need to pay attention to the brightness of the upper and lower spaces to be even, if the brightness difference between the ceiling and the activity space below is too large, it will make the living room appear dark and uncomfortable.

Rooms with a floor height of less than 2.6 meters should not be used with gorgeous multi-headed chandeliers, which are easy to make people feel heavy and oppressive, as if the space has become crowded.

China Home Expo got information that In addition, when choosing the main lamp, if you can choose the lampshade mouth upwards, the light will shine towards the ceiling, and then the reflected light will make people feel softer and relaxed.


Article source: Bohuang Home Furnishings Group Xuchang Shopping Mall

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